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Official Artisan Crafts
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Artisan Crafts Resources

Sun Apr 1, 2007, 1:19 PM
Hello there! It's :iconohnojaylo: on the OFFICIAL Artisan Crafts 'hub' on dA. Here you can find up to date links to all news articles I and Artisan Crafts are involved in, all sources linked on and offsite by members, features, and basic gallery direction notes (you can also always find this stuff on my page).

To add a resource, please NOTE this group. Comments might be overlooked accidentally, but notes always are read.

Official Chat Room…
Artisan Crafts Community Meetings happen every 2nd Saturday of the month at 12 PM Pacific Time

Artisan Crafts FAQ…


This is where I will post links given to me by site members for continued sourcing of materials, tutorials, etc for AC members to use.

Please note that Resources has updated their Tutorial Section with a section specifically for Artisan Crafts. If you have any tutorials on dA hanging out in Misc., please be kind to our lovely Gallery Directors and move them to the correct category.

Architectural Design… Model building supplies


Culinary Arts provided by johwee

Custom Dolls Volks… Obitsu… MLP Customizing Tutorial… MLP Customizing Tips from borgpony… MLP Customizing Tutorial Barbie Restoration, Hair Skeins, with hair matching guide for restoring old dolls Mini World, custom doll making supplies… Wefting and Wigging… Blanks, molds, and supplies to porcelain dolls… Fitting patterns to fashion dolls

Jewelry… contributed by deadlydesignz Tutorials and Supplies provided by silver-zaira

Leatherwork Dick Blick basic leather toolkit Tandy Leather Company Hide Crafter Leather Company Saddle and Boot making school… Mini Tack Making… Leather Tooling… Making Dreamcatchers… Also dreamcatchers… A very well photographed tutorial on dreamcatchers… Another dreamcatchers tut provided by wolfsax

Metal Work… Chainmaille… Chainmaille and also info on making LOTR costumes… Chainmaille Books and DVDs… A very useful site that shows several patterns.… More chainmaille provided by Jarathorn

Miscellaneous… contributed by IIDenator Epoxy, Resins, Sprays, power tools, etc. Dick Blick Art and Craft Supplies

Sculpture and Glass
West Michigan Clay provided by failefalcon Pottery, glass, dolls, candles, and sculpture Links and How To's Pottery supply, all provided by CreativelyStrange CMT Flexibles, all sorts of hoses, good deals for calls in The Glow Shop for anything UV as provided by Hivemind-Inc

Please check out costumeguild as I have compiled a list of many resources available on the net.

:new: PUPPETBUILDING.COM! The only place I've found with how to's on building full body puppet costumes and a source for half dome puppet eyes! For textile art supplies (paints, dyes, blanks, etc)… A list of tutorials and resources compiled by taeliac

Cosplay rules! LOL…… Cosplay Supplies, USA and UK, most of Europe and abroad

Woodworking… Online resource page Online resource page

Photography, Presentation, Composition, Design…

AC Groups and Clubs on dA

Forums and Offsite Links…

AdCast - Ads from the Community


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